In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Sean Morris, head of consultancy at New Signature UK. On the show, Sean chats to Andy about the vast changes that have happened in the tech sphere in recent years. They also discuss why tech professionals needed a broader skill set now than they did a few decades ago. As well as this they touch on what skills are most in demand at the moment in the tech industry.   

Sean has over eighteen years of experience in IT. He specialises in engaging business customers and helps deconstruct their complex business requirements to allow the design of simplistic IT solutions and services.

Show Notes:

1.03 How has the tech industry changed since you started your career.  

6.11 The need for a centralised IT system.

11.01 As a consultancy do you feel the pressure when clients want immediate results.  

15.14 Why tech professionals need a broad skill set and adopt a more agile way of working now.

19.11 What skills have you seen that are in demand at the moment and do these skills change?

24.19 Continually learning and skilling up in technology and what are you excited to see happen in the next year.

28.08 What is it that continually motivates and enthuses you about technology