Find out how hansel secures great technical talent at 03.06

Hansel is the VP of Engineering at Touch Surgery 

5 billion people don’t have access to safe surgery. Changing that statistic is Touch Surgery’s mission. Hansel is helping the company achieve this goal through his role as the VP of Engineering

Hansel builds and trains teams of developers and provides them with everything they need to do their jobs. He leads an engineering team of 30+ people which is responsible for building scalable, automatically testable, and easily deployable platforms for surgical education and AI-driven analysis of surgical video.  

How to secure great technical talent for your startup

Hiring top technical talent is not impossible for startups. The key is to lean into what makes your business stand out and use your agility to your advantage. Hansel told us his tips for attracting great talent in this podcast.

‘I think one of the key things for me as a VP of engineering is you need to build the right environment that people want to work in. That’s what I sell people on when I invite them to come and work with us. They’ll be doing great work with a really diverse group of people.    

It’s very easy to look out at other companies and see how much money they have and they’re doing a lot of cool things. But you need to ask yourself, as a developer, what is your day to day experience going to be like. Are you going to have a safe environment? Are you going to be able to work well? Are you going to enjoy the work practices themselves? 

So that’s also part of my whole approach to recruitment. I basically want to create a great environment that developers want to work in as opposed to fleeing from in the future’   

Show notes:

00.46 Educating surgeons 

01.37 Healthtech is expanding

03.06 Securing great technical talent 

04.53 Building a company culture 

09.38 Diversity of thought is essential for building new products 

12.55 Getting new starters up to speed

15.21 Building products you don’t need to worry about 

17.54 Working in the medical industry 

21.57 Sending your engineers into the surgery room

23.28 Growing Touch Surgery