In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Martin Campbell, Chief Commercial and Strategy officer at Hubbub. Martin has created some of the leading digital agencies in the UK non-profit sector. He has also transformed the European arm of a US multinational and then switched sectors and created an award-winning and successful Fin-Tech startup. He enjoys using digital technology to deliver products that solve important problems and build successful organisations and thinking of innovative ways to increase tech teams productivity.

Martin discusses many topics with Andy including how to improve your tech teams productivity, changing human behaviour in the face of new technology and optimising human productivity using technology. They chat about the dangers of having an over-saturated tech environment.

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Show Notes:

1.06 Innovation in the technology sphere.

2.54 Human problems that arise when creating solutions with technology.

4.41 Martin’s background and career progression.

6.13 The sociological impact technology has on the workplace.

9.14 Does the speed of technological innovation concern you in a security sense?

11.37 Shifting away from big integrated systems to single purpose platforms that talk to each other via A.P.I’s.

12.38 Presenting users with real insight.

15.38 BlocChain as solutions to security problems.

18.31 Creating solutions with technology.

21.53 The role of automation in optimising our workflow?

23.02 Discussing artificial intelligence and automated cars.

26.46 The collaboration between technology and people.

28.30 Being clear around the costs of technology.

32.39 The challenges around networking and managing our networks.

33.44 Switching off from technology & technology addiction.

38.19 Being able to say no to tech.

40.27 Seeing tech messages in a different way.