tech career development: Why your personal growth is essential – Hilla Pedramparsi

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Hilla Pedramparsi, interim head of data at Gamesys. Hilla is a senior IT professional with a strong development background. He possesses an outstanding record of formulating technical strategies to meet business objectives.

On the show, he chats to Andy about the ever-evolving role of a data professional and a person’s tech career development. They also discuss how to extract the most value out of your data sets and why you need to instigate a cultural change in your company to place it on a data-driven footing.   

Show Notes:

1.06 Hilla’s background and career progression.

2.38 What is a bigger challenge, the size of a data set or the complexity of it.

4.11 Was it a big advantage for you learning how to decipher Datasets before technology got so advanced you didn’t need to anymore.

6.05 How difficult has it been for you to stay ahead and stay relevant in technology?

7.30 Do you find you have enough time to keep skilling up in your professional life.   

8.07 Always being willing to learn.

10.08 Being a technical person with an understanding of the macroeconomics affecting the business you’re working for.

12.45 The role of a CDO and a data team.

16.57 Determining the value of data.  

19.58 Implementing a data team into your business needs a cultural shift in your business.

23.34 Will the role of a high-level data person ever stop evolving?

25.05 The excitement around data.

26.13 The variety of different backgrounds present in a data team and data as a creative discipline.

28.14 What do you hope to see in the coming years in your career and in data.