Rosemary is Head of Technology at YOOX-NET-A-PORTER Group.

We spoke to Rosemary back in December. The podcast focuses on teaching code outside the traditional classroom setting. YOOX-NET-A-PORTER is leading the way in this regard. Rosemary talked us through this initiative and several others in her podcast. She tells us about the time the team used an onsite instructor to teach them scala via practical problem solving and Rosemary stresses the importance of hands-on learning for those getting to grips with coding. Andy also asks about team management and allocating product spend.  


YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP is the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer. The Group is a Global company with Anglo-Italian roots, the result of a game-changing merger, which in October 2015, brought together YOOX GROUP and THE NET -A-PORTER GROUP; the two companies had revolutionized the luxury fashion industry since their birth in 2000.

Show Notes:

00.32 YNAP’S digital education program.

05.19 Coding needs to be seen on par with maths, english and sciences.   

07.13 How do we teach technology at school when the industry moves so fast?

09.04 Getting skilled up in Scala.

11.55 Technology, like art, should be learned via practical trial and error.

13.03 Introducing family friendly policies to keep your team happy.  

14.54 Controlled autonomy.

15.58 Encouraging agile behaviours in your team.

17.18 Nurturing soft skills within your team.

19.02 Getting your team members to help each other.

20.41 Managing like Alex Ferguson.

22.46 Focusing your spending on new products in areas where you think you can add value.

26.27 A diverse tech team can draw on different perspectives when making decisions.

28.24 Commercial acumen is a necessity to work on tech projects.  

32.01 Diversity in tech is a big part of YOOX-NET-A-PORTER.