In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Tayo Olatunde, Business transformation and currently working on GDPR compliance. Tayo’s previous roles have seen him providing expert business transformation and process improvement services to public and private sector organisations. Also, he’s been responsible for defining & Implementing a digital business transformation strategy.

On the show he discusses working on different sized tech projects, the workplaces continual struggle to keep up with technological innovation and they talk about the impact Big Data is having on our lives.

Show Notes:

1.06 The excitement around Big Data.

3.58 Were you an analytical thinker? Do you think you were always inclined to go into Data?

7.02 What are the differences between working for large scale projects and small businesses?

8.40 Do you ever think that big projects are bubble proof?

10.31 What attracts you to specific projects?

11.57 What do you think, aside from technology, do you think has changed the most in business since you began work?

14.15 Innovation in technology but not in the workplace?
15.55 Mobile working and working from home.

17.29 BT pioneering the idea of flexitime.

18.33 The advantages of working in an office space.