In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Szymon Rozga, the Head of Emerging Technologies at BlueMetal Inc. Szymon chats to Andy about his current project working with talking chatbots they also look at building a forward-thinking engineering team based around a positive work culture. They also discuss the move to remote working in the 21st century and the pros and cons this can have on a business.

Szymon is a software engineer lead with years of experience with architecture and development of desktop, mobile and web applications. He is currently focused on building out technology delivery teams and growing delivery capacity and skill sets in Conversational UX chatbots and VR/MR technologies. He uses emerging technologies to create cutting-edge experiences. Szymon is passionate about empowering engineering teams to constantly learn and push themselves and the technologies they are working with.

Show Notes:

1.16 Do we still need to be working 9 to 5 in 2017.

4.26 Working remotely comes down to achievements.

7.39 Culture as a driving force for working practices.

9.45 Work must be tailored to your lifestyle.

11.11 Building a successful and diverse engineering team.

15.27 It there more expected from technical people now.

18.54 What were the most surprising and challenging things you found going into a management role.

21.43  What emerging tech are you looking forward to working with.

27.41 Looking at emerging technologies and deciding whether they’re actually in demand.

31.47 Outside of your field what are you personally excited about seeing come to fruition in the near future.