We caught up with Paul Blakey – who is Head of User Design at Hidden Creative

We take a peek behind the velvet curtain of a studio producing some of the most groundbreaking Virtual Reality experiences on the planet. We hear the thought processes behind creating VR, and some of the pitfalls to be aware of.

Whilst navigating through his career in design, Paul realised that he enjoyed the psychology of human beings – finding out what makes people tick, and creating cool design. Being creative and forward-thinking, Paul naturally found his way to Head of UX at Hidden Creative, a traditional digital agency based in Manchester that has branched out into creating cutting-edge Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality has grown far beyond playing Virtual Golf in your bedroom, Paul and the team at Hidden Creative are way ahead of the curve, creating Virtual Reality that’s useful and taking VR to the next level. 



0:50 – The service Hidden Creative provides

1:20 – Paul’s career in design 

5: 40 – How to find the right people to build a creative team 

7:20 – The benefits of a virtual reality training 

9:50 – The progression of VR since the infamous Flight Simulator 

11:00 – Taking Virtual reality to the next level 

12:40 – How to control a narrative in a VR experience

17:30 – Physiological considerations of Virtual Reality 

21:00 – Using the progress of computer games for inspiration for VR 

23:35 – The future of VR

26:00 – Pitfalls to be aware of when creating VR

28:00 – Maintaining a balance of design and useability 

30: 00 – Thinking about the user