Geoff Cunningham is Data Science Manager at Masternaut.

To say Geoff has had a varied career is an understatement. From testing materials in Kazakhstan to reading Aerospace engineering at Cambridge he has a strong background in analytics and statistics. He has ended up working in data science and view’s his varied career as a great asset to both himself and his company.  

Show Notes:

0.29 Geoff’s varied background.

4.58 Taking a gap year and working throughout uni.

7.51 Data as a viable career path.

10.22 Money being the driving factor for new data professionals.

14.50 Changing careers.

17.31 The value of teaching yourself.

19.13 The cost of education influencing career decisions.

23.36 Weighing up the value of university.

26.12 Clearing up the misconceptions about data science.

28.54 What do you enjoy most about data science.

35.02 Getting to grips with the interview process.