Systematic Thinking in a Complex World of Work | Martin Permantier

Leadership Styles
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Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. He has been working with companies to refine their strategic alignment and positioning for over 20 years. His experience as an entrepreneur and managing director of SHORT CUTS GmbH design + communicationwhich today has around 40 employees – and is the foundation for his pragmatic approach and implementation competence. 

In his new book Attitude Matters, Martin shows how we can shape the development of leadership and corporate culture in such a way that businesses continue to progress in the complex world of business. Based on the knowledge of modern developmental psychology, he has developed a vivid, practical, and successful model. 

We discuss leadership, it’s different forms, and how it has developed over time. The future of business and leadership is ever-changing. In recent times office culture and mindsets have collectively shifted, and working remotely has become the norm. But how has this affected the way in which we do business?

“There is no perfect leader, but there is a perfect match to the context”



1:00 – What SHORT CUTS does as a service

2:00 – Martin’s inspiring career history 

5:02 – What qualifies you as a leader & how leadership has changed

6:58 – Is there an ideal leader?

8:17 – The recent change in working culture 

9:00 – Mindsets, and how they adapt during a lifetime 

17:00 – Different models leadership with different mindsets

17:36 – Can we make virtual meetings more personal and emotional?

24:00 – The difficulties keeping team morale when remote working