“I refer to this concept as sympathy for software, if you don’t have some sympathy for what is hard and what is easy about software I think it’s difficult to authentically manage clever people who are doing that as their deep skill set”

Matthew Sinclair is VP of Engineering (London) at BCG Digital Ventures.

BCG Digital Ventures invents, builds and invests in startups. Matthew’s role within this incubation firm is to oversee the growth and launch of its technology startups. Years spent consulting organisations on their technology strategy and product development has made him a perfect fit for this role.     

Matthew has worked for companies ranging from 50 staff members to 500. He’s able to pick out pain-points in a businesses technology strategy before they’ve even happened. And is skilled at communicating solutions to these flaw in terms all members of the business can understand.

Matthew also writes about managing tech teams on his medium blog.    

Show Notes:

0.30 Building startups with money.

1.41 Getting inspired by a diverse working environment.

3.35 Past experiences shaping your current skills.

5.39 The different management styles in the UK and Australia.

7.40 Getting people on-board with your ideas.

9.21 Australian rules.

10.47 Transitioning from engineering to management.

14.37 Completing an MBA in business.

17.08 Celebrating failure.

22.15 Putting time and money into innovation.

25.08 Matthew’s blogging side-project.

30.09 Talking about the book ‘Flow’.

31.02 Being creative whatever medium you’re working in.

33.30 Directions to Matthew’s blog.