Sam Stagg is VP of Engineering at Pusher.

Managing a growing team of developers can be like herding cats, not our words but the words of today’s guest Sam Stagg. A gifted communicator Sam is an expert at managing a large team of cross-disciplinary developers. Heading up the development team at Pusher Sam is responsible for building a multi-tenant distribution system.

Show Notes:

00.56 Pusher’s developer outreach.

02.35 Scratching your coding itch.

03.56 Having a competitive edge in software development.

06.59 Software developers are the product.

08.40 Finding your management style.

12.27 Hiring the right people.

15.45 What have you learned from your experiences of the hiring process?

17.57 Sam’s background and career progression.

20.55 Making your interview process smooth and efficient.

22.55 Sam’s journey at Pusher.

27.44 Moving to management vs staying technical.  

32.06 The role your product plays in keeping your team motivated.

36.07 Advice for young developers starting out in their careers.