Chiara is a Full-stack Developer for Settled & Ranjdar is the interim Head of Development at Settled.


Ranjdar is a lean product engineer, manager, and enthusiast. He loves the web, delivering new product and features. Also Loves UX, lean development, continuous delivery & SaaS. On the flip side of that coin, Ranjdar hates unnecessary complexity, over-engineering, silos, disconnected teams, and blame cultures.


Chiara joined the team in May 2017. Since then, she’s been working with several technologies and tools, including Node.js, MongoDB, Vue.js, DynamoDB, and AWS.


Settled unpack the home buying and selling experience, connecting all the steps and fixing the broken bits. They unite buyers and sellers, giving them the power to interact and make the choices that are theirs to make. In doing so, Settled is helping to reduce fall through rates, strengthen chains and accelerate the journey to completion. They believe that one day, homes will be bought and sold in moments, not months.


Disrupting the property market using technology is a key focus this podcast. They also chat about using augmented reality to make the house viewing process easier and hiring tech talent that isn’t considered the ‘traditional fit’ for the industry.   



Show Notes:

01.35  Using podcast conversations to gain perspective on your career.

03.23 Tech draws talent from a diverse range of backgrounds.

04.58 Having the confidence to hire someone who isn’t the ‘traditional fit’.

06.57 Ranj & Chiara’s career progression.

10.03 Disrupting the property space.

12.00 Does new tech excite you?

13.14 Augmented reality in the housing market.

17.41 Everything is customer focused now.

19.38 What freedoms do smaller tech teams have compared to larger ones?

24.29 Misrepresenting innovation.

27.20 Goal setting.