In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Leslie Coelho, who has recently become a technical architect at Netcel. He was previously the IT development manager at AutoProtect. Leslie is a reductionist at heart and enjoys turning complex problems into simple solutions. He also enjoys working with clients to deliver outstanding products and achieve tangible results.

Leslie has a chat with Andy about technology and its impact on business. They also discuss the reasons to use emails or a phone call, how to best streamline your workflow. They also touch on how to not over-complicate things and educating the new generation.

Show Notes:

1.11 How did you first get into technology.

4.21 How did your career progress and where did your career start?

6.40 What big changes have you seen in technology since you started your career?

9.27 Have we become obsessed with speed in computing?

10.26 We want more from our computer but we understand then less.

12.49 Is there a problem with the way tech professionals work now?

16.14 Different forms of communication in the office.

18.36 What communication tools are the best for streamlining work in the office.

19.23 Is A.I the most compelling space in tech at the moment?

24.15 The fear that A.I will automate us out of jobs.

26.21 The necessity for the education system to teach everyone some coding.

28.58 Is education going to be the next industry to be disrupted by technology?

30.36 Technology being present for innovation before the ability to mass distribute it.

32.52 What is it on a day to day basis that continually motivates you?