In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Josh Willcock, DevOps manager at the Charity Learning Consortium. On the show, they discuss the advantages of working with a startup mentality. Josh also chats about how his role helps him build good work practices. Andy asks him whether his work is inspiring others to take up a DevOps career.

Josh is a DevOps manager for third sector and corporate organisations. He develops the infrastructure to support hundreds of members for the open-source Moodle LMS. He has been part of large-scale projects inside of Moodle, outside of Moodle and the environment it resides upon.

Show Notes:

1.07 What Josh is working on.

4.06 Do you feel your process builds good habits.

5.06 Have other people been inspired by the work you are doing?

8.24 Working with a startup mentality and talking about scale.

11.57 Working in a startup environment gives you more skills when moving to a bigger company.

13.19 Josh’s background and career development.

18.10 Did your company’s approach to business provide a good learning experience for you?

20.38 What are your career goals?