Chris Osborn is the Chief Technical Officer at Voxy.

Over 4 million people in 150 countries have expanded their horizons by learning English through Voxy. Launched in 2010 it was one of the most disruptive technology startups that year. Chris, Voxy’s CTO, has been instrumental in ensuring the company’s continued growth.

Chris is a serial startup entrepreneur and has been the in the first dozen employees of 3 successful startups. Building up business, acquiring assets, and selling companies are what makes Chris tick.

His experience in the startup world given him a unique perspective on managing startup acquisitions, keeping a handle on company growth, and dealing with disruption.  His conversation with Andy centers around these topics. In addition, Chris shared his views on transparency and culture in management.

Show Notes:

1.05 Acquiring a startup and issues when a company changes hands.

4.35 Building a culture and organizational structure.

6.52 Management approaches to business acquisition.

11.09 Constant communication and reassurance in business.

14.03 Transparency and clearly communicating intended business outcomes.

17.38 Can culture be quantified?

21.52 Justifying decision making to others.

23.35 Advice for technical people who want to stay relevant.

29.07 Tech as a highly-collaborative community.

31.25 What is the most important psychological factor underpinning your success?