“The reality of starting your own business is super scary. Handing your notice in and leaving work on your last Friday. Monday morning comes round and you’re rocking up to a shared works space. I was renting a desk from my friend at the time with no salary. That was very very scary.

But you gotta believe right, you’ve got this belief, you’ve got this vision and you keep going.”

Gideon is Founder & CEO of EdgePetrol Ltd

When Gideon finished his chartered accountant from university he took a role at Trafigura, a global oil trading company. This sparked Gideon’s passion for oil and global trade. Working in this industry is where Gideon ‘really started learning’ and this led him to form Edge Petrol.       


EdgePetrol is a data driven web app for petrol retailers . Its intelligent software solution allows petrol dealer owners to see their retail fuel margins and boost site performance on a real-time basis (giving complete transparency across their petrol retail portfolio) so they can make informed decisions on how to optimise their business operations to maximise returns.


Gideon caught up with Andy the other month to talk about overcoming the fear of starting your own business. They also spoke about growing a business at scale and who you should hire as your first employees.