“I think it is a key part of the role (stakeholder management) because we have different areas of business even in the larger global corporations. We have cultural differences as well as language differences and you need to be able to spake to all types of different people to relate to their roles. I think you need to have that soft skill to be successful in that role and take that role forward. If people can see that there’s leadership from the top, and people are making the effort to take the program forward them people will definitely be a lot more positive to any changes planned in your business.” Diane Mansfield on the importance of stakeholder management      

Diane Mansfield is the Global Director of IM, BI, and Data at ConvaTec

Diane is a business and strategy consultant with 20+ years experience in Business Intelligence and Data. She has experience in shaping, defining and leading large strategic change management programs and associated transformation activities. Diane has skills in influencing, communication, facilitation, and cross-functional negotiation.


ConvaTec holds a market leading positions in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence, and critical care and infusion devices. Their customers depend on their advanced technologies to help reduce potential complications of skin breakdown and infection, and they rely on ConvaTec’s products and services to help manage their conditions every day.


Diane sat down with Andy to discuss stakeholder management, instigating cultural change in a business and hiring young technologists.

Show Notes:

00.39 Hiring young technologists.

02.53 You need to be passionate about tech to be successful in tech.

04.59 Technology is an enabler to achieve business goals.

06.21 Combining commercial instincts with technical savviness.

08.54 When did technology become a profit center?

10.43 Internal transformation.

12.05 C-level data representatives.

15.28 Misplaced expectations concerning data.

16.38 Stakeholder management.

17.47 Finding fulfillment in your management position.

21.02 Self-confidence and sensitivity working with different cultures.    

24.16 Advising others with their careers.