Erin is a Tech Lead at Spotify

With a degree in Art, Erin started her career as a graphic designer at NBC. She designed posters and marketing material for the company and its affiliates. Two of her colleagues taught Erin frontend development so she could further upskill herself. After NBC, Erin moved to Bitly and then Adobe for a couple of years.   

At Spotify, Erin has picked up a lot of backend skills and data skills. Erin also works in mentorship programs, she teaches at Girl Develop It.  

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Show Notes:

00.48 The Spotify methodology 

03.21 Erin’s background and career progression 

05.57 Teaching yourself to code

09.09 Pros and cons to tech communities

10.51 Seeking out advice 

13.08 Developer productivity 

14.57 Spotify’s guilds and chapters system 

17.38 Managing complexity at Spotify 

19.14 Determining what good looks like 

22.31 Spotify demands motivation

26.08 Working for a small company

27.36 Operating at scale    

28.41 Finding fulfillment in your career

30.08 Careers at Spotify