In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Jeffrey Meyerson, host of Software Engineering Daily. On the show, Jeff chats to Andy about why he started Software Engineering Daily and future direction of the show. Jeff also shares some career advice for those just starting out in software engineering.

Jeffrey Meyerson: After working for Software Engineering Radio for a few years and working at Amazon Jeff decided to pursue Software Engineering Radio as a full-time career. He is also the CEO of AdforPrize.

Show Notes:

1.07 How did you begin Software Engineering Daily.

2.14 How do you get the resources together to make a great show?

4.02 How did your career progress.

7.41 Using your podcast to educate budding software engineers.

11.18 Looking for a career that you actually enjoy.

13.00 What do the next few years look like for Software Engineering Daily.

16.45 What have some of the hurdles been when founding Software Daily.

19.37 Key lessons learned on Software Engineering Daily.     

22.56 Podcast techniques.

24.39 Using podcasts to collaborate and connect with people.