“You mentioned focusing on the outcome. That’s something that’s really important when we talk about being busy. Being busy isn’t an outcome, its a problem. If we are focused on outcomes then you see things like meetings as toxic because they limit your potential output.

But similarly just diving in to working on something and working really hard on it, also is something that isn’t the wisest approach. You need to step back and think about things. You can follow that through to your personal life as well. What do you actually want to achieve as a human being?” Ryan talking about the advantages of smart working

Ryan is CTO at Shift Commerce

Ryan brings agility to mid-enterprise-scale retailers. He has over 15 years of experience developing for the web and an undying passion for web performance. His pragmatic and performance-led outlook means that—on the rare occasion that he does wear a shirt—his sleeves stay firmly rolled up: even as an exec, his favourite place is right there in the thick of things with his team.

Shift Commerce

SHIFT is the first e-commerce platform to successfully combine the speed and affordability of SaaS with the flexibility of hosted solutions.


Ryan talks to Andy about the role automation is increasingly playing in everyone’s lives, why culture is important for business and why we should never glorify being busy but instead focus on smart working.

Show Notes:

00.31 Automation isn’t making our lives easier.

05.33 Don’t spend your time looking busy, work smart.

09.44 Meetings are inefficient.

13.13 Who is responsible for implementing culture in a business.

17.09 When did you realise culture was an important aspect of business?

20.22 Find yourself a good mentor.

25.29 Google employees get three meals a day.