Edson is the Head of Engineering at Lloyd’s Banking Group

Arriving in the UK in 2004 Edson found employment within a fortnight working for a small building sub-contractor in the Bolton area. This role required him to develop their information management systems and upgrading their day to day operations.  

After a few years, he moved to a company called Amptech which has now been acquired by Trimble. He spent 7 years at Trimble before moving to Findel Education as their Head of Web Development and was promoted to Head of Software Engineering.

He has recently moved to Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Show Notes:

00.32 Starting a new role at Lloyd’s Banking Group

01.33 Edson’s career journey  

06.41 Edson’s role at Lloyd’s bank 

07.51 Building things with a purpose

10.05 Having a business mentality when it comes to software engineering

10.44 Having the autonomy to pursue ideas  

12.22 Creating and maintaining high-performance teams

13.31 Flat hierarchies aren’t great for everyone 

17.24 Situational leadership