Jane is the CEO of Zeal – a full service creative and digital marketing agency based in Leeds

Jane steered towards the agency landscape after speaking to a recruitment consultant early on in her career. Setting the target to have her own creative marketing agency by the age of 30 – we discuss hiring the right people, the importance of challenging yourself and your team as well as how setting personal goals can be life-changing.

The most important asset to the business is the people, so finding the right people is imperative for success. ‘Diversity’ has become a buzzword in the workplace and wider society, and it goes hand in hand with ‘inclusion’. Jane naturally and effectively implements this into Zeal, by realising the commercial benefits of not only having a diverse and inclusive workforce, but celebrating it:

“We’ve got loads of different personality types. We don’t have an agency full of cookie-cutter personalities. We’ve got some introverts, some extroverts, some people that are obsessed by sport, some people that hate sport. There’s a whole different raft of people but the one thing that holds them together is that they all have a passion for something and they have that Zeal”

We chat about the challenge of keeping up with the fast-paced developments that come with the industry and the inspiring story behind Jane’s success in the creative marketing field. Plus, we explore Jane’s views on the impact a positive company culture can have on its employees and the often-overlooked importance of challenging yourself and each other in order to flourish.



1:00 – Falling into the creative agency landscape

4:10 – Being creative as a manager / who to hire

5:50 – Keeping up with developments

8:00 – Creating a working environment for different personality types

11:50 – Advice for recent graduates

18:00 – Why having the confidence to challenge is so important for progression