Today’s guest is Ben Rapp CEO of Managed Networks In this episode Andy talks to Ben about separating the hype of technology from the reality, big data in public policy and how tech has affected advertising.

You can find Ben’s latest blogs at Rappidly Blog

Show Notes:

1.32 What sparked Ben’s interest in technology?

3.34 Learning to programme games as a child.

7.22 Human reliance of physical technology

10.49 The speed of technological development

13.43 Waiting for the next paradigm shift in how we use technology 

17.20 Behavioral interfacing 

20.15 Morals around big data processing 

25.31 The problems of public policy based on big data analysis

30.57 The relative social impact of using big data for real-world processes

36.01 Humans as social animals with shared experience

40.49 What drive tech investing at the moment 

44.32 How web 2.0 affected advertising

50.28 Using free content as advertising 

51.17 Business media vs consumer media

54.14 Editorial selection of content