Upgrading the auto-auction industry – Mike Stoodley

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How is IT helping auto-auction industry sell cars? Jump to 6.39 to find out

Mike is the development manager at Manheim Auctions.

Starting his development career working on with the little known coding language ‘Progress’, Mike moved from developer to lead developer to development manager. He is now responsible for 11 people who he manages in an agile fashion. 

He is currently overseeing the rollout of a business-wide Azure deployment. This project is the culmination of 18 months of work and will be affecting all of Manheim Auctions sites. 

How IT is selling cars

“When I first joined the auto-auctions industry our companies motto, and the whole sectors motto was ‘we sell cars, our business is selling cars’. What part does IT play in that? At first, people wanted to see IT play as small a role as possible because nobody thought it added value. Selling cars is where you add the value.

This attitude has shifted massively now. IT is the digital channel that drives the industry. That wouldn’t have even been said 5 years ago. To see that shift in opinions first hand is quite ginormous. There are also expectations about what we can deliver as well. Venders and buyers are all wanting more detail, more real-time feeds. 

They want their ‘finger on the pulse’ when it comes to the ins and outs of the car auctions up and down the country. They want to be able to react to the market as quickly as everybody else in it. They’re wanting more information quicker. People now want to be notified the second a vehicle is sold and they want to know instantly whether they’ve bought a vehicle. They want to know bidding increments and how much a vehicle is on the auction block. They want to bid in advance. It’s all about now. 

5 years ago peoples attitudes were a lot more relaxed. You’d often hear ‘well, as long as we can sell a car IT helps’. That attitude has irrecoverably shifted. IT is now a central focus of what we do. Without IT in the mix, there are so many things vendors, buyers and businesses lose out on.’ -Mike Stoodley

Show Notes:

00.32 Mike’s background and career progression

03.13 Re-inventing the vehicle auction industry

06.39 How can IT help sell cars

09.33 Undertaking an agile transformation 

12.47 Applying agile to other disciplines

14.52 Deciding when to use agile

18.14 Turning solutions into DevOps processes