In this episode, Andy Davis talks to James Packer. James is a Cyber Security Consultant at a Big 4 professional services firm. He is also President of the London Chapter of (ISC)2 whose mission is to bring together a community of Information Security Professionals to share knowledge in order to drive innovation and inclusion within the wider community. On the show they discuss how the security sector has grown and changed over the past 20 years. Andy asks James what the industry can do to get more people interested in a career in security. James also details how different companies and groups view cyber threats.

Show Notes:

1.10  writing a blog.

7.10 The different ways people respond to security threats.

9.15 Raising awareness of security issues.

12.10 Being conscious of your own cybersecurity.

15.52 Security as a profession.

20.06 The changing face of the security profession.

22.39 Applying DevOps to security making DevSecOps.

24.08 What can we do to get more people interested in the security sector?