Paul Kenealy is the  Vice President, Managed Security Services at Xcina Limited.

Paul has spent his entire career in Cyber Threat Intelligence and incident response His in-depth knowledge of security was acquired working for companies such as; KPMG, Barclays, and Betfair.

The uptick in demand for security experts is attracting a lot of new candidates. However many are flocking to security for it’s perceived low entry requirements and high salaries. This could cause grave problems in the future. Paul outlines his proposed solution to the problem.

Show Notes:

0.31 Discussing the shortage of Cyber Security experts.

3.50 Why do people think there’s a low barrier to entry into the security sector?

7.45 Spotting good candidates from a CV.

9.28 Clarifying job titles and responsibilities in the tech sector.  

12.55 Have candidates become less passionate about working in the security sector?

17.14 Learning code in a non-academic environment.

19.17 Ethical hiring in the security sector.

20.54 Current hype around security?

23.09 Educating individuals about their personal cyber-security.

27.55 What does the future of cyber-security look like?