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Malte is the VP of Product at Searchmetrics

Malte stumbled into SEO when he was about 15 years old. He’d built his own website and he was surprised to see website traffic from areas he didn’t expect. After investigating he realised his traffic was coming from his SEO efforts. This happy accident led Malte down the career path he’s on today. 

When Malte went to university he studied Computer Science further augmenting his skills in SEO and web development. After university, he worked in a management consultancy after being a co-founder in an SEO agency he founded at university.  He then moved to Searchmetrics where he’s been for the past 4 years.  

The evolution of SEO 

The digital marketing space moves extremely quickly. Tried and tested methods for attracting organic traffic to your web pages can fall out of favour with marketers very quickly when Google decides to change its algorithms. Malte gave us a rundown on the changes in the digital marketing space he’s witnessed since starting his in-bound journey.

‘A lot has changed with SEO. When I began paying attention to my Google ranking and organic views the only metric worth measuring was page rank. 

It was the only KPI worth measuring, it updated regularly and to rank better you needed to increase the page rank and to increase the page rank you obtained backlinks. You’d put the keyword a couple of times in the text, title, H1, etc. At the end of the day a page’s success was measured by who could get the most, and the best, backlinks.   

Nowadays, at least in languages like German and English where Google has a pretty robust understanding of the language its all about user intent. Matching the user intent and delivering a great user experience.’

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Show Notes:

01.01 Malte’s career journey

02.09 The evolution of SEO

03.08 Is keyword stuffing dead?

03.53 Digital marketing and web development

06.58 Malte’s role at Searchmetrics 

09.01 The big shifts in the product management space 

11.28 Reducing feedback loops with agile

12.08 Remote working

17.15 The pros and cons of remote working 

19.01 Managing freelancer & permanent employees 

21.19 Undertaking an agile transformation in a product development department

25.01 Creating a more collaborative workplace

27.47 Further learning resources   

29.02 Where can we find Searchmetrics