Will is the CDO of Engine Group

Will’s career started in brand marketing over 20 years ago. He started his professional life at Nestle and then worked at Diageo for a few years. Will really enjoyed marketing but wanted to incorporate more data into his career so he could better determine the ROI of what he was doing. 

8-years into his career he joined Dunnhumby where he spent the next decade helping Tesco, and other clients, get value from personalised, highly targeted offers. After this he moved to CallCredit where he led up their performance marketing initiatives. Then a few years ago Will joined the Engine Group where he became the CDO.

Show Notes:

01.13 Will’s career journey 

03.40 The combination of marketing and technology 

08.13 Will the role of the CDO disappear

09.47 Engine Group 

12.36 Helping clients decide what martech is right for them

15.01 Planning out digital transformations 

19.23 The dip of doom and the sawtooth of success

24.05 Agile methodologies 

26.22 Determining what ‘good data’ looks like  

28.43 Martech isn’t a one-stop-shop to fix all a company’s problems 

31.47 Careers at Engine Group