Jason is Co-Founder & CEO at Cynozure

Jason has spent the last 15 years defining, shaping and executing strategy for information management, BI, enterprise performance management, big data and analytics solutions to support organisational transformation.

Jason also runs his own data podcast: Hub & Spoken.


Cynozure’s mission is to help individuals and their organisation’s access, understand and leverage data by finding those nuggets of data that can truly improve your business in a way not previously possible.


On the show Andy asks Jason about his route into a career in data and they continue to talk about the breadth of disciplines within the data sector. They also discuss the importance of having a CDO in the C-suite and when and how you should hire a data professional (if you even need one).

Show Notes:

00.58 Twelves months into a podcasting journey.

02.30 Why did it take the data community so long to form?

04.35 Everyone’s doing customer insight these days!

06.22 Don’t feel undervalued you’re a data professional.

08.46 Don’t hire a data scientist just because your competition has one.

10.43 The CDO hub.

13.42 A CDO needs to be on the C-suite.

15.11 Do Chief Data Officers need a crash course in people skills?

17.00 Diversity & background in a data career.

20.23 How do you become a data professional.

22.01 What does commercial success look like for a data team.

25.42 1) Ask the right questions upfront. 2) Ask better & better questions.

26.28 Data leadership is moving closer to the C-suite.