Rockstar developers don’t exist – Mairead O’Connor

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
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Mairead O’Connor is Partner and Engagement Manager at Equal Experts.

Mairead is responsible for managing relationships with Equal Expert’s largest clients. She works with high performing software development teams to quickly and effectively solve business problems.

Motivated by fairness and equality, Mairead chooses to work with organisations which actively build diversity into their working culture. Her experiences reading computer science at Cambridge University placed these issues at the forefront of her mind. Since then she has worked tirelessly to increase diversity in the contractor market.  

Show Notes:

0.31 Are we as busy as we think we are?

2.07 The difficulty of delegating responsibility as a leader.

5.01 Studying at Cambridge University.

7.42 Being aware of your own biases when recruiting technical talent.

9.00 Hiring people with multiple years of experience.

11.54 Creating equal opportunities in technology.

13.48 Driving new behaviors in the workplace.

15.45 What did you find most exciting about taking your first leadership role?

17.43 Approaches to changing culture.

21.10 Underrepresented groups working as contractors.

23.16 Busting the myths surrounding contractors.

25.44 Are technical people this generations rockstars?

32.11 Mairead reflecting on her time at university.

33.35 Has the advice you’ve given changed over your career?

37.08 Advice for young starters in tech.