Building a robotic automation startup – Garuka Serasinghe

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Garuka is the CTO at Intellimorph

Before working at Intellimorph, Garuka worked at a big four consultancy. His role focused on property process automation and artificial intelligence where he led large projects on automation. Areas Garuka has worked in include: banking, pharmaceuticals, government & healthcare.

Show Notes:

00.32 Garuka’s career progression 

01.58 Consultancy work gives you varied experiences 

03.07 Change and transformation in technology 

04.58 People and processes are as important as innovation   

07.35 Why create Intellimorph

09.44 Getting your startup off the ground 

10.54 Is robotic automation still niche?

12.53 Robotic automation’s current tech stack 

16.53 Robotics isn’t that complicated really

17.47 Will the need for engineers disappear? 

19.04 How do you go about learning code?

20.45 Garuka’s software training

23.25 Where can we learn more about Intellimorph