Aaron is the Co-founder of Accomodation.co.uk

After 6th form, Aaron had a great opportunity to work at a digital marketing agency. He was trained up and managing accounts at 18. This role impressed on him the importance of design.  

After a while, in this role, Aaron decided to go to university. He did a year of creative advertising then moved into business and marketing. Whilst he was doing this he started building websites for local businesses. Aaron started working on marketing property and learned a lot of valuable lessons from estate agents.   

From the profits he made doing this he was able to buy his own house and he himself became a landlord. This let him understand the troubles landlord face and with his co-founder, they set up accomodation.co.uk

Show Notes:

01.20 Aaron’s background and career progression 

09.01 Aaron’s relationship with coding

11.19 Technology or business

12.24 What makes a good startup founder 

13.23 The importance of networking

15.14 Navigating networking events 

16.39 Strategies for hiring the best talent 

18.28 Competing with the big corporates to attract great talent 

21.25 Maintaining culture during growth 

23.41 Being a leader isn’t about being a boss