Revolutionising the Future of Construction @ XYZ Reality | Federico Cicchi

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Federico Cicchi is Head of Software Development at XYZ Reality and responsible for dedicated engineering teams, driving complex milestone deliveries and dynamic technical solutions for the world’s first engineering grade AR device

Federico is a highly qualified Software Engineer with 22 years of software development experience, covering system architecture design, robotics, artificial intelligence, AAA games and augmented reality. He has become an expert in translating system requirements into concrete design and anticipating and resolving performance issues.

XYZ Reality is the UK start-up behind HoloSite and The Atom, the world’s first Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality company. On a mission to eliminate 2D in its entirety and bring an industry in decline back to life, XYZ Reality is enabling construction workers around the world to build from holograms and it’s making a huge dent on the 77% of megaprojects that overrun globally.

Construction workers can now view and position design models on site to 5mm accuracy and make real-time decisions in the field. The ground-breaking technology also significantly eliminates errors out of tolerance and reduces the time taken from set-out to build. Named the UK’s 3rd hottest start-up and one of the Top 3 construction technology firms, XYZ Reality is focused on making the lives of all construction workers easier by democratising the skill-set, boosting productivity and closing a skills-gap.

During this Podcast episode, Ben sits down with Federico to discuss his career in technology, how Federico’s approach to leadership and communication differs across different cultures. They also spoke about some of the ground-breaking technological advancements XYZ Reality is working on – bringing digitalization into the traditional construction industry and truly disrupting this space.