Creating a reuse marketplace for the retail, office and construction sector – May Al-Karooni

Emerging Technologies & Business
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May is the CEO and Founder at Globechain  

Originally working in investment banking May’s job was fundraising for hedge funds and working in asset management. 

When her company moved offices she was shocked by the cost and waste generated by moving offices. Her suggestions to donate the company’s old office supplies fell on deaf ears and her company spent around £50,000 destroying the old furniture. 

May thought this was commercially crazy. Why has no one digitised waste and connected corporate companies to people who need these products? This eureka moment was how Globechain initially came about.  

Show Notes:

00.42 May’s background and career experiences. 

02.33 Capitalising on office waste 

04.09 Creating Globechain

08.03 Globechain’s subscription model

12.53 Creating your own industry

17.20 Raising a funding round

18.25 VC burn-rates

21.51 The dangers of hiring too quickly 

25.15 Scaling your business

29.22 Careers at Globechain