Mark Weiss is a senior software engineer at beeswax.

Mark has mastered a multitude of coding languages during his career. A software developer through and through his passion has always been solving problems with code. Mark is also a proponent of the tech sectors open source, sharing community. Host of his own podcast, Using Reflection, he has combined his technical expertise with communication skills to share what he knows with as many people as possible.

Mark knows that software engineers don’t exist in a vacuum and stresses the importance of inter-team communication on this podcast.

Show Notes:

0.33 The community culture that has developed around tech.

5.07 Developing a thirst for knowledge.

7.04 Recognising and improving personal flaws.

11.36 Factors that can you accelerate your career.

14.37 The difficult parts of leadership and management.

20.14 Working on your soft skills.

27.56 Beeswax position in the ad-tech space.

36.20 How ad-tech is shaping the internet.