Building enjoyable experiences in the retail tech sector – Giles Corbett

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Giles is the CEO & Co-founder of Ksubaka 

Giles is a serial entrepreneur in mobile games, mobile advertising, and global OTT platforms. He has over 20 years of experience advising, leading, growing, acquiring and investing in companies from start-ups to multinationals.

Prior to his current role as CEO and Co-Founder of Ksubaka, he was the Founder and Head of Libon, a skunk-works operation within the Orange Group.

Here he built an award-winning mobile/OTT platform with over 4 million active users in 100 countries. Giles has also served as an advisor to BBC Mobile, CEO of mobile virtual network operator Echosphere and led the building (and sale to Microsoft) of France’s first mobile ad platform.

Giles founded Ksubaka with his brother Julian initially as a new way for brands to advertise to shoppers in stores at mass scale. But working with retailers, they came to understand the need to improve the in-store experience and so shifted their focus to help physical retailers revitalise by providing in-store digital interface products and services.

Show Notes:

00.46 Giles career background 

05.19 Tech knowledge and business knowledge 

07.40 Ksubaka’s mission

08.50 Creating little moment of joy with Ksubaka 

08.42 Supporting the digitalisation or retailers 

13.27 Developing Ksubaka’s tech stack

17.44 The future for the retail tech space

19.46 Gamifying Ksubaka 

21.31 The digitisation of physical spaces