Craig is the Head of Engineering, for the Atlantic Region, at GFT Group.

Automation, artificial intelligence & machine learning are all set to revolutionise the world. Whilst it’s easy to worry what effect this could have on society, Craig uses the podcast to highlight the massive amount of good AI does for humanity on a daily basis and how it will continue to revolutionise and enrich our lives.

Craig is responsible for the engineering capability of 230 people in the Atlantic region and more than 400 people globally. He manages individuals with advanced skills in automation and intelligence. He also develops products and solutions that are underpinned by big data and cloud development.

GFT Group

GFT Group advises the world’s leading financial institutions and develops bespoke IT solutions. From banking applications and trading systems to the implementation and support of complete platforms, and the modernisation of core banking systems.

Show Notes:

01.00 The rise of automation, how more enabled are we going to be.  

04.34 Driverless cars, bad news for truck drivers?

10.17 Merging humanity and technology.

14.22 Talking about neural networks.    

17.29 Models will run the world.

20.09 Engineering, mathematics & physics. All can be used in business to solve problems.

22.59 How do we govern AI?