“For remote working to be successful it does depend on your role. Our talent team and sales team often choose to work remotely. For programmers and software engineers there is a lot of value in being in the office. The best ideas come from random encounters with people or lunch break discussions. So if we’re all working from home it is really difficult to have those idea sessions.”

Alberto Giorgi is Director of Engineering at Tray.io

Alberto is an experienced technical manager with an 11+ year career in software development. 7 of those years have been spent building and leading global high-performance software engineering teams. He has a keen entrepreneurial spirit and is a regular contributor to strategic ideas and solutions to organisation.


Tray.io believe that any organisation can and should automate. With Tray.io, citizen automators throughout organisations can easily automate complex processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs.


Alberto sat down with Andy to chat about creating a positive company culture through remote working initiatives. They also discussed management styles and debated the best ways to stay engaged with your career.

Show Notes:

00.33 Making time to have a good think.

03.06 Why don’t more businesses give us Wednesday off.

04.51 The world of remote working.

07.34 Retraining talent with flexible working hours.

11.03 Finding your employee’s motivators.

15.00 Sculpting your own management style.

19.14 Gaining fulfillment from your work.

22.29 The key to success.  

24.38 Scratching your technical itch.

25.58 Keeping up with the latest technical developments.

26.55 Pinch yourself! You work in tech.

28.27 Avoiding burnout.

30.00 Setting your own career goals.