Why don’t employers like remote workers? Jump to 3:54 to find out

Juan is the Software Engineer Team Lead at Balena.io 

He focuses on building high-quality software and is passionate about open-source, maintainability, testing, software correctness, and static program analysis. He’s been with Balena for 4 years moving from a Software Engineer to a team lead and now he is the Engineering Lead.

Prior to Balena.io Juan worked as a Software Engineer for Rulemotion and PikaPay.  

Why do employers not like remote working?

“There are a lot of challenges to remote working as well as opportunities. I also think a lot of people are resistant to change. I see remote working as a ‘new arena’ in the working world. So people are naturally skeptical of it. There’s a large section of society that hasn’t figured out how to make it work well yet. There are a few good examples but the remote working method isn’t as mainstream as your 9 to 5 office and this has meant large companies are more reluctant to take a chance with it.       

If your company is 5 or 10 people its easy to work remotely and implement a culture that supports that. A large company which has legacy systems and layers of bureaucracy makes it difficult to use remote working as a tool.” – Juan Cruz Viotti  

Show Notes:

01.01 Let’s get more remote workers

03.54 Creating the infrastructure for remote working

05.08 Juan’s experience working remotely 

06.06 Is the traditional office dead?

07.08 Working remotely in Argentina       

09.28 The 9 to 5 is no longer a thing 

12.16 Friday hacks & culture

15.45 Working on the Internet of Things 

17.09 What’s Balena.io working on?

19.59 Adapting to client requests   

21.50 Getting involved in open source projects and setting goals

25.18 The Javascript ecosystem