John Cline is Senior Engineering Manager at Blue Apron.

Is it important that managers retain their technical skills? How do you keep yourself grounded when the company you’re working for is expanding rapidly. Should we be providing alternate career paths for individuals who don’t want to go into management?

John Cline draws on his experiences in program management, event planning, software development, public speaking, strategic leadership, and team development to answers these questions.  

Show Notes:

1.05 John’s background and career development.

3.05 Working for eBay.

5.16 Transitioning into management.

8.35  Transfering your skills from a small to large company.  

11.35 Joining a company during a period of growth.

13.23 Looking at technological change from a macro perspective.

16.40 Do managers still have to be technically savvy?

17.55 Technical and management skills.

20.50 Career paths for those who don’t want to get into management.

23.49 Do you still work on side projects?

25.17 Carving a career out of software development.

26.51 Technology as a viable career path now.

30.26 Under-represented groups in tech and tech education.