Mattia is the Head of Machine Learning & Quantum Algorithms at Cambridge Quantum Computing

Mattia is an enthusiastic research lead in the areas of Machine Learning and Quantum Computing. In his classical computing activity, he applies deep learning to algorithmic trading and financial time-series forecasting. With my team, he has implemented many intra-day trading strategies in diverse financial markets.

During Mattia’s studies towards his PhD in computational Physics, he focussed on the first-principles of electronic transport simulations for energy harvesting, conversion, and conservation. During this journey, he gained significant experience in Python, Bash, fortran2003 and parallel computation. Mattia developed from scratch an HPC research software that runs on distributed memory clusters (MPI) and has been tested to scale on up to 1000s cores on UK national facility ARCHER.

 Show Notes:

00.32 Is there a traditional path into machine learning?  

02.47 Undertaking a P.hD

05.20 Key traits that will let you excel at data science 

07.39 Mattia’s background and career progression

10.36 Career’s after the P.hD

11.33 Mattia’s RnD work.

15.24 Solving problems with AI & Machine Learning

20.27 What’s going to drive the next AI revolution?

28.32 Setting yourself goals