How to build an effective Quality Assurance team – Rouven Schreck

Emerging Technologies & Business
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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Rouven Schreck, Head of Quality Assurance at EE. Rouven is an international Senior IT Executive. He has a strong track record of devising Service Delivery capability that maximises effectiveness in order to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Rouven is committed to succeeding through customer focus, staff development, and maximising profitability across all areas of business.

They talk about Rouven’s routes into quality assurance, the sectors strong links with mobile technologies. They also discuss how the modern working environment is helping bring disparate tech teams together, the role of automation in the workplace and the impact DevOps is having in the technology workplace.

Show Notes:

1.45 discussion on Rouven’s Route into QA.

5.00 Rouven’s work with Domino nodes.js.

6.15 Rouven’s move into mobile industries and first QA job.

8.40 QA’s links with mobile technology and its existence prior to mobile.

10.00 Talking about the impact of Dev ops on the tech industry.

13.20 Discussion on how the modern working environment is bringing different teams in technology companies together in a more synchronised way.

16.50 Facing the challenge of adapting leadership styles to adapt to the demands of an agile workforce.

19.30 The role of automation in QA.

24.30 Approaching automation in QA from a leadership standpoint.

27.50 What keeps Rouven motivated.