Creating psychological safety in your company – Bernardo Torres

Emerging Technologies & Business
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Bernardo is an Engineering Manager at Newstore

Bernardo has 15+ years of experience in development. He started his career freelancing in Brazil. Whilst he was freelancing in he undertook a university course in business administration. Once he finished this course he could dedicate more time to work and took a job at Newstore in Germany. He started as a software developer then quickly became the engineering manager.   

Show Notes:

01.04 Bernando’s career journey 

04.10 The business implications of coding

05.46 The Newstore journey 

08.16 The shock of moving into management

11.26 Can we progress without moving into management

13.22 Agile methodologies

16.13 Tailoring agile to your business needs 

18.00 Creating psychological safety in you company   

20.07 Encouraging failure in your business

21.07 Top tips for developers looking to move into management

23.22 Further reading

24.51 Careers at Newstore