Richard George is the Head of Engineering at RS Components

Richard is an energetic & focused professional with over 20 years of experience in Wireless, Mobile, Enterprise, Consumer and Cloud services. He is an acknowledged visionary and strategist in both product and process, with a past that demonstrates system thinking and the ability to drive strategies, adapt management styles and lead execution processes that convert opportunity to success. Richard has a hard-earned reputation for delivering high-quality products, on time, on budget.  

Show Notes:

00.58 Success is underpinned by a strong team

04.20 Seeking honest feedback

07.50 Psychological safety in business

10.14 Creating totally transparent workplaces

14.01 Building a flat structure into your business

16.52 Your ambitions can be flexible

20.06 Marrying what makes you happy and your career

26.55 Transforming RS Solutions