In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Mark Dodd, Head of Business and Co-Founder at Consolidata. On the show, Mark discusses the qualities that differentiate a good data professional from a great one. They also chat about why you need to be asking the right questions of your data sets to get the most value out of them and why business people are still hesitant to get involved in the technology aspects of their company’s.

Mark Dodd is a data professional with diverse experience in building data solutions to client problems, particularly in the data management and analytics space. He has worked in IT for over 30 years in a large number of industries. He has always found delivering data solutions to be the most interesting part of his job. Statistical process control, data visualisation and finding unexpected insights from data are also things that engage Mark.

Show Notes:

1.08 Differentiating a good data person and an outstanding one.

2.03 Having an understanding of the practical.

3.19 Jumping from industry to industry in a data career.

4.52 Do you think your business acumen flourished because of your love of data.

6.40 Do you solve client problems or show them things they don’t know?

8.19 Helping clients overcome their data problems.

9.52 Educating clients on data governance.

10.41 Understanding how to see an ROI in your data team.

13.50 The catch-22 surrounding data.

15.10 Understanding the business implications of good data management.

17.54 Why business people don’t engage in technology.

19.15 Data visulisation.

20.34 Mark’s career progression.

22.00 When working on new challenges what were the things that spurred you on to succeed.

22.52 Working in data requires an element of creativity.

23.57 Uncovering fascinating insights with data.