Proptech is the next fintech – Jonny Britton

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Jonny is the Co-Founder & CEO at LandTech

Since the time this podcast was recorded LandInsight has grown! The company has rebranded as LandTech has now launched its second product LandEnhance. They have grown to over 80 staff members and continue to rapidly expand. To learn more about opportunities at LandTech check out their careers page –

Starting his professional life as a town planner Jonny quickly moved into more entrepreneurial ventures. He started up an enterprise society and people were pitching mobile and app ideas to him. From this, he saw the massive potential of technology and he wanted to become part of the technology scene. 

Jonny then re-trained as a software developer and worked in a startup company for 5 years. These unique experiences combined his love of entrepreneurship with technology and have lead to LandTech winning 5 awards in 2019.        

Proptech is the next fintech

Technological developments have shaken up nearly every sector, from banking and insurance to fast food, fashion, and, of course, real estate. New technologies are transforming the way markets communicate in unprecedented ways, and as a result, every sector is facing the challenge of how to efficiently and successfully move into a digital future. The real estate sector is no exception. Jonny told us why there’s such a buzz in the proptech sector in his show.

Proptech is a really exciting sector to be in right now. We’ve seen this scene blossom massively. There’s a proptech solution for just about everything now. It can be hard to cut through the noise the scene is making right now but the solutions that are working are starting to make a lot of headway.

Industries are moving towards these solutions and they’re not put off by them they really want to find the solutions that will help them the most. The whole industry is buzzing and moving forward. A lot of people are saying that proptech is the next fintech which means there’s a lot of money pouring in the space and a lot of talent is looking at it. The whole scene is thriving, it’s a really good time to be in proptech.’           

Show Notes:

00.59 Property industry award ceremonies 

01.50 Using data to disrupt the property sector

03.15 What’s driving disruption in the property sector  

06.41 The mission of Land Insights  

08.22 The growth of Land Insights 

11.40 Jonny’s background  

13.08 Don’t be the sole founder of a startup

14.34 Proptech is the next fintech

16.33 Approaching goal setting