“One of the key things we’re doing at the TheHouseShop.com is trying to create services and products that actually engage with customers and put them first. To that end, one of the key facets of the property industry is that there are a lot of long-term renters out who can’t get their foot on the property ladder because they don’t have a good credit history or the right type of income or whatever.    

So with one of our products which is called Rent Score we’re able to record rental payments, obviously with the tenants permission, so long-term renters who have been renting for 5 years or ten years we can actually help them build up a credit history and we’re working in partnership with Experian on that scheme.”   Alvin describing ways TheHouseshop.com is creating new property marketplaces   


Alvin is CTO at TheHouseShop.com

He’s worked in technology for over a decade as a software engineer and a technical manager. Working across a wide range of industries including finance, publishing, property & mapping technologies  Alvin is as comfortable writing code as he is managing teams.


TheHouseShop.com is the UK’s No.1 Property Marketplace where agents, landlords, homeowners and developers all advertise properties for sale and to rent in the UK.

It provides a gateway for homeowners to access all the ways to sell a home: from For-Sale-By-Owner and online agents, to high street agents and even property auctions.

Users have the opportunity to search the entire market in one place, with listings from private sellers, online agents, high street agents, property auctions and online estate agents. TheHouseShop’s unique selection of properties will not be found on other major UK portals which cater exclusively to agents.


On the show Alvin tells Andy about the positive social impact TheHouseShop.com is having on the property market. They also discuss the pros and cons of contracting.

Show Notes:

00.32 Disrupting the property industry.

03.08 It’s all about service.

05.58 The social impact of TheHouseShop.com.

08.58 Alvin’s experiences in tech.

10.31 What inspired you to move into tech?

13.11 Pursuing passions from a young into your professional life.

15.36 The management learning curve.

17.01 Working as a contractor.

18.35 Overcoming the instability of a contractor role.

20.20 Love the company’s mission? Move to a permanent role.

22.40 Agency work with friends.

26.21 Gathering a lot of experience through a career in contracting.

28.06 Forecasting your future.

29.24 Becoming a mentor.  

32.03 Engaging with the wider tech community.