In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Brian Hills, Head of data at the data lab innovation centre. Data Lab aims to bring together industry, the public sector, universities, colleges, schools, and the public to learn about and promote data science. In his role at the Data, Lab Brian leads the Data Science team and was the programme Chair for DataFest17, the first festival of data innovation held in Scotland. His career in data spans many high profile companies including Hewlett-Packard and Skyscanner.

On the show he discusses promoting data science, building a strong data science team and how to communicate data science successes to other parts of your business. He also chats to Andy about creating a brand for your data team and what attributes need to be present in a person to make them a good data scientist.

Show notes:

1.09 The Excitement around Data.

1.55 The applications and outcomes of data.

2.45 Getting people involved in Data Science and promoting data science.

4.03 What is it you’re hoping to achieve through your promotion of Data science?

6.00 What aspect of data are you most involved in?

8.17 How much has the data scientist’s skill set evolved over the past few years?

9.44 Communicating the successes of Data science.

12.32 Disciplined leadership when working in Data Science.

14.36 When you’re looking to recruit new team members what attributes do you look for?

16.23 Creating a brand for your team.

18.35 How have you managed to maintain your skills throughout your career?