In this episode, Andy James talks to James Rix, Senior Project Manager at Romonet. James is skilled at working across international locations and coordinating international teams to deliver high-quality projects. James has an excellent technical understanding of optimising data center design. He also promotes a solution-oriented approach to project management.

On the show, he chats to Andy about the challenges and rewards of project management and managing international teams. They also discuss navigating different cultural conventions in business and how technology is changing workplace dynamics.

Show Notes:

1.06 Managing projects in various countries.

2.58 Addressing individuals in a meeting.

4.14 Navigating different cultures.

5.45 Different approaches to doing business.

7.18 What are your company’s internal dynamics like?

8.19 How did your career take you to Asia?

10.30 Growing as a person and a leader in East Asia.

12.34 What are the current projects you’re working on?

13.52 What’s the structure of your employees?

14.44 How has technology changed the dynamics of your role?

17.59 Technically what type of people are you typically working with and have their roles changed due to the advancements in technology.

19.56 The data space as a compelling place to work.

22.07 What are you hoping the next few years bring for you and what does success look like for you?

24.22 Respect in the workplace and enjoying what you do.